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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Local Lady Featured Interview: Ronald Deane of RDNA Art & Design Studio - Gallery, LLC

The Artist, Ronald Deane: Image Source
Ronald Deane is the artist behind RDNA Art & Design Studio - Gallery,  LLC located in downtown Richmond in the historic Odd Fellows building.

Since the first day I discovered RDNA, I've been wanting to feature this local artist on the Local Lady blog. It's a pleasure to host the man behind the many colorful works displayed in various locations in Richmond. Ron's paintings beautify local businesses & homes. His murals certainly lend vibrancy and color to Richmond, Indiana. They are a pleasure to see. Be sure to discover them for yourself!

Here we go:

What inspired you to locate your studio in Downtown Richmond? 

RDNA Studio: Image Source

"I've always had a dream of owning a business in downtown Richmond from the days of my grandmother Zoan Gordon walking me down to the Rose Festival. I also bought all my art supplies at John's Custom Framing for my high school art projects.

In January of 2013, I tested myself to see if I could make it an entire year living off of my freelance work in graphic design, custom painting and murals. I made it to December so I decided to go all in and open my business downtown, after receiving help from some good friends.

One of my friends told me about the Odd Fellows building in which he had a business set up, but he was moving out. So I checked it out and loved the historic feel to the building and space, especially the raw exposed brick wall."

Do you have a favorite subject and/or medium, if so why?

"I don't have a favorite subject, yet I tend to paint females quite often. I love painting and drawing nudes live whenever I can. You can't see all the detail, light & shadow complexities and forms using photos. I also love being outdoors in nature so I paint a lot of landscapes. One day the only nature we will get to experience is landscape paintings from an artist, if we don't take care of our planet.

As far as medium, I'm using oils currently. I'm developing a multi-media style right now where I use acrylics as my base and oils on top using palette knives. I use oils because I like the thick texture and richness in color that they provide."

What kind of events or classes do you offer at your studio?

"We offer Express Your heART Art classes to both youth and adults. 

Saturday is our Youth Art classes starting at 10-12 for ages 6-12 and 1-3 for ages 13-17

Adult art classes are Mon, Wed and Fri 5:30-8:30.

We also have a Lunch and Paint at noon. 

All classes are pre-registration only. All information is on my website.

We have had several events at my gallery. We had a birthday party for Patty Crawford of IU East and recently a HYPE event which was very exciting and fun. At both parties the crowd painted a collaboration painting. I will be leading a community art project for RAM during the City Life event at Glenn Miller Park as well as teaching art classes at Room 912 in May. My artwork is on display and for sell at Beatree Yoga and Roscoes currently. We have some exciting and energetic events coming up. Stay tuned!"

How can the arts enrich or strengthen a community?

"Creativity, innovation, ideas, concepts, ingenuity, problem solving and vision are all character traits of an artist. I believe wholeheartedly that art and artist can transform, build and beautify any community that has lost it's vision, or energy. Art brings a vibrancy, positive feeling and sense of unity and pride to any community that allows it to flow and grow. Art/artist can enrich and strengthen a community by bringing a new perspective, vision and positive thinking to youth, teens and adults. Everything was created and envisioned by an artist. I believe art reflects society and society reflects art." 

Image Source
Thank you so much, Mr. Deane for your time and answers. May your art continue to bring vibrancy to our community and may your studio and business thrive!

When you explore downtown Richmond, be sure to visit Ronald Deane's studio located at:

RDNA Art & Design Studio - Gallery, LLC
8 S 8th Street, Richmond, Indiana 47374


Monday - Friday 10:00 a.m. - 4 p.m. 

Saturday 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Closed on ALL National Holidays

You can also discover RDNA via on-line at the Official Site, as well as via Facebook & Twitter.

<3 the Local Gal

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