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Friday, September 12, 2014

A Solilquy Nods in Shakespeare's General Direction

Every User's Soliloquy by the Local Lady

To Blog or Not To Blog-That is the conundrum:
Whether tis' nobler of a Mind
To engage the world on-line or to refrain From the web
To bask in the blue glow of the computer screen or
To shut Down this reality virtually and live one Life
Limited to the tangible and merely physical
To disconnect and escape from this Net
Not to be o'erwhelmed by Twitterers' Tweetings and Information's Constant Streams
Ah! But will even one born of this age remain Untagged? No!
Will not one born of this age cease the dream of swimming, perhaps sinking in this sea?
Will the type, the images, the influence, the rankings remain buoyant
However tenuous technology may be
The gravity of a mortal's type out living one's mortal coil-
One's thoughts shared and moving beyond the individual resolution.
To be stamped flat and shared in Meme, forgotten in Meme.
However altered by Time, we shall all be. And our data will outlast us
alongside the trappings of every day life, until every thing becomes antique

By new definitions as late as next week.

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