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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Interview with Waynet: Jane Holman, Director & Photographer (Republished from 3/6/14)

Image Source: Self Portrait, Jane Holman
Waynet is an on-line gem of  all things local for Wayne County residents and visitors. Jane Holman, the expert behind the site is both Director of Waynet, avid photographer and all around awesome local lady. Because Jane is the head of Waynet and because she has amassed an outstanding collection of images of not just Richmond, but all of Wayne County, I requested a brief interview. She was gracious enough to respond! Here we go:

Since 1997, Waynet has existed as an on-line community resource for both residents and visitors of Wayne County, Indiana, what are some of the successes you've witnessed as the Director?

"The most important success is that WayNet.org is still here and still serving the community.  Community networks were created in more than 30 counties across Indiana in the mid-90's and very few of them remain.  We found a niche and a loyal group of members who continue to support our mission. 

Our visitor base has grown from a monthly average of less than 3,500 in 1998 to over 50,000 a month currently. That doesn't include the additional people we reach with our Flickr, Twitter and Facebook accounts.  That's a lot of positive light we're able to shine on Wayne County!
Jane Holman Photo: Source (copyright)

As a photographer, how has your immediate surroundings inspired you? What are some of your favorite shots showcasing the beauty of Richmond?

I like to use photography to put a focus on the positive, beautiful and interesting things I see right here in our own community.  It's too easy to pass by people or places daily and become so used to them, you don't really "see" them.  The camera forces you to think about color, light and composition and in the process of doing that - you see familiar places in a new way.  

With nearly 10.000 photos total on my personal Flickr and the WayNet Flickr account, it's too difficult to pick favorites, but I gravitate to the ones that feature nature, people having fun at local events, and those that would cause me to go - "Hey...I'd like to visit there!" - if I didn't already know the location!  

Jane Holman Photo: Source 

I hope your readers will visit the Wayne County, Indiana Flickr group too.  We have a lot of very talented photographers here in Wayne County that have contributed to the group.  Scrolling through the photos is like looking at a "year in the life" of Wayne County, Indiana."
What do you love most about our city/county?

"So many things!  I like the landscape.  I've lived near oceans and mountains, but I find I'm more of a rivers and hills kind of gal.  I like the wide variety of cultural opportunities - museums, theater, symphony. The values the community holds make it a good place to raise a family.  And, it has to be said, it's so easy to visit nearby metropolitan areas for the big city benefits and still not have to deal with the big city headaches of traffic, pollution and noise on a daily basis."

Do you have a best Richmond memory?

"Times with family and friends, of course, but also watching the fireworks from Roosevelt Hill in Glen Miller Park, cheering our high school basketball team at the sectional in Civic Hall, watching parades, catching up with friends and neighbors at the Wayne County 4-H Fair, taking my boys to Morrisson-Reeves Library, bicycling along the Cardinal Greenway."

As a lifelong Richmond resident, have you noticed a shift in attitude or greater positivity in the community recently?

"I think it's something we as a community seem to be more aware of and I do see a shift towards a more positive attitude.  There are a lot of positive things happening in Richmond and Wayne County right now.  The positive change in the Depot District over the past few years has been huge.  I see great things happening with our local museums and important collaborations taking place.  With Richmond being named a Stellar Community we're going to continue to see additional exciting changes take place downtown.  We still have big issues to deal with, it's true, but so do most other communities.  

As we learn to toot our own horn regarding the many wonderful events, restaurants, recreational opportunities, etc. that are happening here, those outside our borders are starting to notice and spread the word.  That's going to keep the ball rolling and hopefully we'll gain even greater momentum towards a positive landslide!"
Waynet: Image Source

Thank you so much for your dedication to our community on-line and off, for sharing your beautiful photography and for your time spent on the Local-Lady! 

I would encourage my readers who want to brush up on local history, find a local business, or just browse and enjoy the beauty of our nick of the woods, to visit Waynet, Richmond and Wayne County's on-line community resource. When you do, be sure to send a note of thanks to the Director, Jane Holman for keeping the Waynet site of All Things Local running!

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