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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Local-Lady Loves Thai Thara

เสียงฦๅเสียงเล่าอ้างอันใด พี่เอย
สองเขือพี่หลับใหลลืมตื่น ฤๅพี่
—Unknown, Lilit Phra Lo (ลิลิตพระลอ), c 15th–16th centuries

Do you need a little spice in your life? When we do, we go straight away to Thai Thara, our local Thai restaurant. Walk in and be sure to greet the ladies with a Wai.

If Jack can, you can too!

Jack's Wai is a little wobbly. Here's a chance to practice along with a few experts who will share how and when to Wai, when not to Wai and why to Wai!

Too shy to Wai? That's okay! Say "hello" if you're most comfortable with a Sawat Dee or simply say, "Hi, I read a rave review on the Local-Lady!"

What to order? Try anything! It's delicious! We like our curries hot! No worries! As they say in Thailand Mai Pen Rai, which is a sort of equivalent to Hakuna Matata.  They'll accommodate your palate whether you like it hot or not. Choose a lower number, if you like your food mild. Choose a higher number up to a 5 for quite a kick! If you've never sampled Thai food, I'd suggest trying a soup, salad and Chicken Satay served with peanut sauce or a dish of Kua Gai, popular selections that are sure to please. If you want a curry, you can't go wrong with Panang. For meat lovers, try the Nam Tok the beefy "Waterfall" which features slices of beef and black pepper on a bed of crispy greens with mint garnish. The food is always especially fresh and delicious. If you can, save room for dessert. It's definitely worth it! Especially if you order sticky rice and coconut custard! Yum!

Local-Lady Snap Shot: A Beautiful Bowl of Chicken Panang

My family loves Thai Thara, especially my husband who fell in love with Thailands' culture, people and FOOD, during a year of study in Hua Hin. He loves Thai Thara so much, he created a handy mobile menu for Free available HERE.

If you are a sweet tooth, be sure to order a round of Thai Iced Teas to go with your meal. It cools the tongue and is exceptionally tasty.


the Local Gal


Many dishes are not safe for those with food allergies. Please be sure to make your server aware of any food issues or allergies you may have. Ingredients such as Fish Sauce (contains wheat), Soy Sauce (likewise) and Peanuts are common allergens. When in doubt, err on the side of safety. Thus far, as a Celiac, I have not had issues with the sticky rice, coconut custard or clear chicken with rice noodle soups. However, wheat allergies can vary greatly from person to person. Be safe!

I promise all of their food is Aroi mak mak. Very, very delicious!

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