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Thursday, March 28, 2013

I love Pho

When Sub 'n Roll moved into the barn shaped building formerly housing a tool shop turned tanning bed/hair salon, we were not sure what to expect. Just another sandwich place? The sign may not be showy, the interior is a bit plain, but what they lack in jazzed up surroundings they make up for 10+ times in taste and quality! Oh boy! Is the taste what matters? You bet! Say it with me:

Sub 'n Roll bakes their goods fresh, grows many of their own fresh herbs and offers delectable Vietnamese soups, sandwiches and if you request it specifically, real Vietnamese style coffee. I love the Chicken Pho and I like to order my Vietnamese coffee to go in a compost friendly cup. I kicked my coffee habit last year, but when I do indulge in a cup I like it strong! Vietnamese coffee is coarse ground, then drip brewed directly into your cup. It's sweetened with condensed milk, but it's not overly sweetened (although if you are a sweet tooth they are quick to indulge you with extra!). I am looking forward to summer for so many reasons this year. One of those reasons is my strong desire to enjoy this drink iced!

Meal presentation is important, and every time I am lucky enough for my honey to suggest Sub 'n Roll for lunch I take a picture of my soup. This is what I like!

Mmm, pho! Note the lime slices! Make it a meal and have spring rolls !

I absolutely adore fresh culinary herbs, and if you have never smelled Thai Basil then you are missing out! If you dig cilantro, you should definitely order some pho. If you don't that's okay too! One of the things I love best about having pho at our Sub 'n Roll is that it is customizable. They put the condiments, bean sprouts and most of the greens on the side, so if you're fussier about peppers, unfamiliar sauces or such things floating in your soup, you are free to enjoy broth, rice noodles and meat sans the extras!

I prefer pho, partly because I live with wheat allergies. It's lovely to eat out on occasion without fear of repercussions and the pho seems to agree with me! Sub 'n Roll is also the only restaurant in town where I can enjoy spring rolls! I order them wrapped in rice paper.

Follow Sub 'n Roll on facebook here. They recently added new items to the menu, and the Tofu Delight looks delicious!

Nervous about pronouncing things on the menu? You needn't be! The staff are always eager to explain and guide you through their menu items. Wanna brush up on your Vietnamese beforehand? Here's another helpful video:

My husband says to be sure to try the bánh mì! Yum!

Sub 'n Roll is located at 2020 East Main Street in Richmond. They are open Monday-Saturday between 10 AM-9PM.

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