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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Interview with Ribbons & Robots

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Ribbons & Robots is a locally based, on-line storefront for hand crafted toys. I may be all grown up, but my heart still melts for dollies and stuffed animals, especially if they are made by hand! Ribbons & Robots is run by a Hip, Digitally Savvy Business Mama with a passion for crafting. Thank you R&R for taking time out of your hectic mommy/crafting/awesome lady schedule! 
Here we go:
What's the inspiration behind Robots & Ribbons? 
"One of my biggest inspirations is my own little family. Since having our first son, I have really noticed and been frustrated by the lack of fun toys geared towards boys! When they're still too little for Legos or action figures of things with a zillion little pieces, there really isn't a ton of exciting (and affordable) toys on the shelf to choose from. I want to have a shop that carries a good balance of things boys AND girls will like, beyond the typical puppy/kitten choices....
And my parents always encouraged my sister & me to be creative. My mom is this really incredibly talented seamstress, so we grew up with a love of sewing and appreciation of handmade in our house."
Why do you love to craft?  
"One thing I love about crafting, especially creating toys, is the idea that something I have loved and found so much joy while creating could also bring a big smile to some kid's face. It could be something they treasure forever & I just think that is so exciting! For me, creating and crafting has just always been part of my everyday life. I also love that crafting is a way to take a break for myself. Even if it’s just for 5 minutes at a time!"

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Can you tell me a bit about Storenvy, the site that hosts your on-line shop?
"StorEnvy is a bit newer online marketplace. It is growing and gaining attention really quickly. It’s got a social networking vibe, which is neat. Instead of having collections curated by editors front & center, your StorEnvy Feed is more tailored to you. It's based on items you’ve “envied” or stores you’ve followed. Also, when you’re browsing on StorEnvy the products are listed by popularity in real time, so there are constant updates & new things you may not have found on your own just by searching tags! 
One really useful aspect of StorEnvy, for both shoppers and shop owners alike, is that when you “watch” a store, StorEnvy notifies you whenever that shop’s stock is updated! They send fun emails with products you might like based on things you’ve “envied”…I like to read them during nap time, when I take a little break, so I can really enjoy them!"
What's your favorite project?
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"I especially love making dolls. Rag dolls are so fun because the possibilities for giving each doll its own personality are endless. Right now I have some really fun mermaid dolls posted for sale, but I have plans for more boy-style dolls to come and I am really, really excited to get started on some of those! I also have some play sets that I have been getting started on; they have folk tale & fairy tale themes and I think are going to be super fun toys."
What's your best Richmond memory?
"One of my favorite memories is walking downtown with my sister and our mom. We would walk to the library and Mom would make sure we really got to make a day out of it. We played word games or I Spy on the way and would get to go to Readmore & the other stores on our way there & back. Stopping in to get ice cream at The Circus Shoppe was REALLY a treat because we got to eat it in that zoo cage at the back of the shop! Remember that? But the best part was, hands down, the fountains in the summer time. I was heartbroken when they tore out the promenade to extend Main Street."
What kind of unique Richmond memories is your family making today?
"My husband is a bicycling enthusiast so we try and get the boys out for rides on the Cardinal Greenway on cooler evenings (because I am a total wimp about being out in the heat!!). We try to take advantage of our parks. We love the library, and my three year old absolutely LOVES going to the Wayne County Historical Museum. And I am really looking forward to the park the city is building in the city lot at North A street."
Thank you again for sharing with us. I wish you every success in your business venture!
You can find Ribbons & Robots on-line at Storenvy.com. Follow Ribbons & Robots on Facebook to stay updated with new items and specials.

Ribbons & Robots is your source for quality, hand made stuffed toys & dolls for children of all ages. Looking for something specific? Ribbons & Robots takes custom orders! You can contact Ribbons & Robots via e-mail at ribbonsandrobots@gmail.com.

Seriously, darling! Check them out & support a local business!
That's right, on-line shoppers- you can still shop local :)

<3 the Local Gal

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