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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Hoosier 411: Where do you go for the Indiana Info?

There is one local paper in my hometown: The Palladium Item, which is a great source of local news and announcements. There is a small section of world and national news, but there is very little analysis of a bigger picture. I'm a big picture kinda gal, and I like to know what's happening in the world and how it affects my hometown. So I thought I'd take a minute and share some helpful links for anyone else interested in how things are going and how those things are shaping the lives we lead in the Midwest.

To stay informed it's important to me to check out a wide variety of informational sources. It's no longer enough to stay tuned to one major media network alone. I'm not sure it ever was, in fact. Visiting, curating sites and possibly subscribing to receive a wide difference of perspective and focus gives me a better feel and understanding for Indiana in the world and the people around me.

Think about media consumption as you would a well balanced plate or healthy diet. You need variety and quality over quantity.

Here we go!

What has far reaching effects and effects most people on our planet today? Globalization. With globalization comes the good (information access), the bad (pollution, loss of resources) and the ugly (widening disparity).  There is a lot to think about, and it can get overwhelming. Where do you go to gain some perspective?

Image Source
One of the absolute best sources of information on this topic and how it affects our region is undoubtedly, Richard Longworth. Read all about it at his blog, the Midwesterner the go to guide to globalization for midwesterners.

Richard Longworth is "a Senior Fellow at The Chicago Council on Global Affairs. He is the author of Caught in the Middle: America’s Heartland in the Age of Globalism, now out in paperback (Bloomsbury USA). He is a longtime editor and foreign correspondent for the Chicago Tribune and United Press International, a two-time Pulitzer Prize finalist, twice an Overseas Press Club Award winner, and a Nieman Fellow at Harvard. More important, he is an Iowa native and is a recognized expert and frequent speaker on the Midwest and its place in a globalizing world."

If news analysis is lacking in the media, it's not scarce if you look for scholarly research organizations. 

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For example, if you don't mind a dryer research format (Call me crazy, I love this type of info. I <3 Graphs! And Data!) Monmouth College is out of Illinois and is pioneering a Midwest Matters Initiative a fabulous analytical resource. I've been reading through their study of the Midwest's response to globalization, and it's very interesting. Just to say, it was shown in their poll that one of the top states thought of first in the context of the midwest was found to be Indiana. We're number three out of sixteen!

More about Midwest Matters, here.

Interested in business? Check out Inside Indiana Business with Gerry Dick. Gerry Dick is
"is a frequent keynote speaker and moderator on issues related to the Indiana economy". He recently visited Richmond and gave a presentation at the Innovation Center. Inside Indiana Business is a great source of info for anyone interested in keeping tabs on news and trends effecting the Hoosier economy. Gerry offers a lot of insight into Indiana's business world.

Inside Indiana Business News Room

Want more detailed news results on the economy? Most websites these days have built in search functions. Check out Area Development, a publication "Founded in 1965, Area Development magazine is considered the leading executive magazine covering corporate site selection, relocation and facility planning. Editorial coverage provides valuable information pertinent to the factors, key issues, and criteria that affect a successful decision. Published bi-monthly and has more than 45,000 executive subscribers."

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I simply typed "Indiana" in the search bar to get the news I wanted. You could try refining your news search this way on just about any on-line resource. What makes this website so fascinating is the insight into corporate site selection. This publication caters directly to the people in charge of such decisions. Because of the broad umbrella of information pertinent to major investments, this site is chock full of information.

Check out their Leading Location Spot map for 2013: Looks like Richmond is in a bubble, it's yellow. Good right?

Area Development "Indiana News"

Want an even more specifically Indiana state centered focus? Look no further than the official Indiana Chamber Blogs covering business, education and more. Don't fail to notice their Blog Roll links on the right hand side of their website.

Image Source

Curious about environment issues from a more local perspective? Head over to Indiana Living Green. It's Indiana Living Green's mission to raise awareness of environmental issues statewide and beyond. Indiana Living Green is Indiana's reliable source environmental news. You can follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Indiana Living Green

Is major media ignoring Midwestern Climate Change? While we are on the subject of the environment, Media Matters studied the media's response to Midwestern Floods and found that long term trends and impact are not being covered. Read about it here.

Media Matters

Want news on education in Indiana? NPR's State Impact Project is regularly features news items on the education front in Ohio, Florida, and our own Indiana here.

Image Source

Another focus missing from major media networks is Rural America. Richmond, Indiana may not exactly be rural, but we aren't a large city either. I believe it's crucial to not ignore issues that pertain to large swaths of our country. I'm not a farmer, but I certainly rely on farmers to feed my family. I am not a miner, but I certainly rely on those basic resources and energy. I want to stay in the loop and understand rural issues, and I can't recommend a better source than the Daily Yonder.

Daily Yonder

Where do you get your news? 

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