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Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Uncommonly Curious Sparrow

"I am only a sparrow amongst a great flock of sparrows."
~Evita Peron~

Sparrows are of a Biblical notoriety. They are common enough among us to be seen as a pest in Richmond, Indiana, as they are elsewhere. They have probably lived among human society since the early dawn of agriculture. They follow the fields of agriculture, bathe in the dust together and sing in groups. Sparrows even inspired Shakespeare, who wrote in Hamlet, that "there's special providence in the fall of a sparrow". One fell on me this morning!

This morning, while the grass was still dewy, I stepped outside to caress my herbs. I love the smell of thyme and rosemary any time of the day, but some scents are most refreshing first thing in the morning! I walked nearer to the house where my sage was sending out masses of purple flowers and began picking them to keep my plant from becoming leggy. While I was happily bent over pinching the sage, listening to the morning chatter of birds, I felt something brush against my back. I held still and turned my head around to see a fledgling sparrow, perched, nestled and clinging on the back of my left hip! I held still as our eyes met. She looked comfortable as could be, so I didn't move, just waited for a few moments. She finally moved, but she didn't fly away. Instead she hunkered down behind the chives and hopped to keep her feet along the slipping rocks, all the while watching me closely. Maybe it sounds silly, but it felt appropriate. I bowed my head and touched my hands together whispering, "namaste" to my guest then returned to plucking sage with a smile. She, with intense curiousity on her face, stayed with me for a strand of precious moments. I hummed gently, and busied my hands a little further from her, as I could feel her parents nearby becoming impatient. They had stayed close but quiet. When they finally found their voices and chirped at her to come with them, she still hesitated! Finally in a compromise she flew to the top of our garage, still intently watching me. At that point I was so feeling so blessed and happy I had to come inside with my bouquet to share!

Birds have always been special to me. They have been there to lift my spirits many times. Whether it was in finding and nourishing a baby lost out of the nest or a hummingbird that paused briefly, suspended in front of my face just outside the windowpane.

I'm not the only Hoosier with a soft spot for the birds. Robin's Nesting Place is an Indiana blog with amazing bird photography! I found this blog on Little Indiana!

Robins Nesting Photography: A Sparrow with a Mourning Dove

Do you need to pause and have a moment with the birds? Visit the Cope Center and look around:

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  1. Thank you for mentioning Robin's Nesting Place! What a sweet experience to have a sparrow fledgling land on your back! Spring is an especially fun time to observe the birds!

  2. You're welcome! I love your photos! We're setting up a feeder for the first time this year. My husband does bird calls. He's especially good at the mourning dove call. We have doves who visit every morning who coo back. :)