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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Richmond Politics: Complimentary Commentary

"I've always wanted to be considered an upstart. I just never knew where to begin."
-an original Local Gal-ism

Everything I learned about politics I learned from Duck Soup:

So according to the Palladium Item, there is a contention between the self styled Democrat and the Republican Mayoral candidates of Richmond, and this is deemed an electoral "cross road".  Cross road shmoss road, I say. It looks more like Wayne County's beloved radio personality has wrongly turned on a one way street (Richmond is rife with them) by not toeing a party line. Some of us who grimace at the the mention of politics might actually find that refreshing. Others who take part actively may be completely boggled, as protocol has not been followed. Our local Democrats don't recognize the fresh face before them. Who knew he was a Democrat? Who cares? Well, the Democrats may, but for everyone else we'll see. Surely I'm not the only one yawning at the two party system. If it's national, it's a dated circus. If it's local, it's a hoot.

So did the Local Lady jump on a bandwagon by sharing Dave Snow's Mayoral announcement? Yes and no. Why do I think this is a good idea? Dave Snow is accessible to Richmond's youth. If his candidacy manages to pull in twenty previously non active voters locally, I still say good idea and thank you very much! His running has potential to pull in much more. Whether he wins or no, this could be good for Richmond where voter turn outs have always dragged out the same civic minded groups (usually the elderly and then occasionally me). If young people take more of an interest and bother to find out where the city building is and what actually goes on there that would be grand. Maybe the kids will register to vote, then who knows what great things could happen next.

Is it fair this small town celebrity begins with such hullabaloo? It isn't his fault he knows his way around the Youtubes and the Twitters. Will this win the election? Not if the status quo is held at the polls. Pappin might not be a familiar name to a regular Richmond whippersnapper, but she will be familiar to long time local voters. She has experience, and I suppose after serving, you are for better or worse a tried and true politician. Who ever wins will have to get over any distaste of politicking as it may come with the job. Whomever does win will hopefully always prioritize the serving side above the elbow rubbing (be it necessary or no). As the act of running in itself takes much effort and care, it's likely our candidates will do just that- whatever their political affiliations. I admire persons who serve the community publicly. It can't be easy and constituents aren't wildly grateful on a daily basis.

In local forums hosted on Facebook, the people have spoken. They are looking for a candidate who will do less trash picking among the neighborhoods, let's just hope that after Mayor Sally Hutton leaves office they themselves are willing to keep them picked up.

Whatever may happen, three cheers for our little democracy. The next election is shaping up to be interesting and will hopefully sell the papers well. All eyes on the starting line, who will we vote for? Let's wait and carefully examine the platform(s) our candidates will stand on. When we know bringing jobs to Richmond will be the standard fare, as it should be, it will be interesting to see how the candidates differentiate. May the best for Richmond win.

<3 the Local Gal


*You may vote in Richmond and you may not be elderly. Congratulations, I'm right there with you.

*You may be elderly and never vote. That's okay too, and being elderly, I believe in your right to complain even if you are not politically active. You've lived long enough to earn it.

*You may be a Democrat and you may welcome Mr. Snow with open arms. You may be a Democrat and not. Who hugs who is not my business.

*You may be a Republican. Is this your tea party or mine?

*You may be young or old & take offense at the ageism in this entry. If you're older, comment and share thine wisdom. Maybe you're a teenager who knows where the city building is- get involved and say something below. 

I guess all I'm trying to say is that I recognize my entry is full of sweeping statements. I like to keep a clean house so that's just the way it is- however the dust bunnies may feel. My broom may not apply to you. Don't take it personally, please, but feel free to comment anyway.

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