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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Tempest I Interview with the Lights, Andy Darr

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Studio 10 is a branch of Richmond Civic Theatre founded to provide our community with opportunities to experience "contemporary and classic-but-seldom-seen gems (that) are equally at home on Studio 10 stage." These productions are usually intended for a more mature audience. Their up and coming production is one such gem, The Tempest by William Shakespeare, 
a lesser known play of the famous bard that in some circles is considered to be one of his greatest of works. 

The Local-Lady blog is pleased to offer readers a special III part series of exclusive interviews leading up to the play which is to run June 7th and 8th at 8 pm at Richmond Civic Theatre.   

All three of our guest interviewees hail from the Richmond area and have a history of working together in the theatre. All three are returning and specially collaborating for this production. Andy Darr, behind the technical scenes & in charge of manning the lights is our first guest! Welcome home, Andy!
Here we go:

What are your best Richmond memories?

Portrait of Andy Darr Photo Credit: Jim Hair

"Most of my best Richmond Memories involve friends and family, really but every time I come back I make an effort to visit Glen Miller, and if there's time, a visit to local favorite eateries is always a treat." 

Tell us about your history of theater involvement/musical involvement in your hometown of Richmond at RCT or elsewhere?

"My first introduction to the theatre was in Richmond, at Richmond Civic Theatre. And you know, when you find something you just absolutely love, the drive to explore it can be almost unstoppable. 

I've designed (the scenery for) a handful of productions at RCT, a couple of favorites there being To Kill A Mockingbird and Picasso at the Lapin Agile. In Indianapolis, I designed the lighting for Cabaret Poe, and most recently I designed the settings for a stage adaptation of The Yellow Wall Paper by Charolette Perkins Gillman; ...served as a Technical Director at a small theatre in Nashville, Indiana."

What's it like to stretch your wings and fly and return home?

"Honestly, it's a little surreal, actually, to return home to produce a show. My partner and I usually come back for holidays with the fam and what have you. It's kinda exciting, really."

Tempest Light Focus
How do you see Richmond differently now? What's the same/What's different?

"I think a lot of people may not be the biggest fan of their small Midwestern Hometown when growing up in it, I know I wasn't. When I was younger it was all: "Golly it's small, there's nothing to do here, it's such a waste land", you know -- and it seems true. Though this trip back seems to have revealed that Richmond is beginning to tap into and embrace things that can make it pretty cool. The revitalization of the Depot District is a good example of that. There seems to be a shedding of the ambivalence, and more energy is being put toward making things better: embracing local history and recognizing some of the stunning architecture that's here. Don't get me wrong, I love urban decay, but it isn't always what one wants when embarking on H.M.S Revitalization."

What can we expect to see in Studio 10's version of the Tempest? Any sneak peek or titillating tidbits you're willing to share?

"People can expect to see some awesome theatre. I don't want to reveal too much but I can say that the awesomeness will begin with the audience being seated on stage, in the three-quarter round. "

How are you guys enjoying the collaborative work?

"For me, it's been great. I've been eager to work with Joshua again as it's been some years since our last project together. John and I recently worked together in Fort Collins, Colorado on a production of Hairspray."

Thank you so much for your time, Andy! Stay tuned Local Lady Readers for more exclusive interviews in the very near future!!

<3 Your Local Gal

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